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Learn What It Takes To Succeed At The Basketball
Power Forward Position

Learn the skills, fundamentals & duties of the power forward.

Power-Forward Definition: Typically the bigger and stronger of the two forwards. They play close to the basket and are responsible for inside scoring, rebounding and post defense. Commonly labeled as (PF) or (4). Also known as the "strong forward" or "big forward".

The power forward, also called the "strong forward" is one of the two basketball forwards on the court...the other being the small forward. The strong forward is usually the best rebounder and most aggressive defender on the basketball team.

On offense, the power-forward does not take many long shots, but rather works in close to the basket and shoots a lot of lay-ups and low-post shots. On defense, their main objective is to defend the basket - along with the center.

Basketball Forward Skills & Responsibilities

A basketball player must possess the following skills, qualities and fundamentals to be effective and successful at the strong forward position...

  • Able to rebound effectively on the offensive and defensive ends of the court

  • Ability and mindset to control the paint - the strong forward and center must control the lane area

  • Efficient and effective passer - with a limited number of turnovers

  • Ability to score when given the opportunity - typically on offensive rebounds, post shots and layups

  • Good dribbler with the ability to drive to the basket for lay-ups when needed

  • Effectively run the court on all fast break opportunities

  • Must be an aggressive player who doesn't mind "banging" down low - must not shy away from physical contact

NBA Power Forwards To Watch

Here are some of the greatest NBA strong forwards of all-time...from the past and present.

power forward, basketball forward, basketball positions, small forward, nba power forwards, pau gasol, As a coach, it's important that you constantly improve your knowledge of the game. Watching these NBA players in action will help increase your understanding of the skills, fundamentals, characteristics and duties of the strong forward position. These NBA players are great at what they do on the basketball court and I'm sure you'll learn a great deal about the strong forward position by watching them play.

Great NBA Strong Forwards: Past
Kevin McHale, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Elvin Hayes, Dennis Rodman, Dave DeBusschere, Jerry Lucas and Bob Pettit.

Great NBA Strong Forwards: Present
Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitski, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Jermaine O'Neil, Antawn Jamison, David West and Josh Smith.

Coaches...learn the skills & duties of all five basketball positions.

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