Produce Easy Buckets For Your Team With These Effective Basketball Inbound Plays
Baseline and sideline basketball inbound plays for coaches.

As a basketball coach, there are many aspects of offense that you must focus on and teach your players. One of the most important parts of your offensive strategy is implementing simple and effective basketball out of bounds plays. It's critical to your team's success that you devote time during each practice to work on these inbound plays. This will help your players become more comfortable running them and will help produce easy baskets during your games.

The inbound basketball plays in this section will help prepare you and your players for the critical points during the game when you must inbound the basketball - either from the sideline or the baseline. Obviously, the main objective is to inbound the basketball successfully. However, your inbound plays should also produce easy scoring opportunities. The inbound plays listed below will help your team accomplish these two objectives.

Tips For Basketball Inbound Plays

One of the biggest keys to being successful with basketball out of bounds plays is to create multiple scoring opportunities for your players. This is accomplished by giving the inbound passer more than one option on the play. By having multiple passing options and scoring opportunities, it becomes more difficult for the defense to defend the play and prevent you from scoring.

Another important key to being successful is to give your players options once the basketball is inbounded. The first player to receive the inbound pass should have an immediate scoring opportunity. If not, they should be able to pass to a teammate who is in a position to score.

Properly designed basketball inbound plays address each of these areas, give your players multiple options and create easy scoring opportunities for your team. The inbound basketball plays listed below accomplish all of this...easily and effectively.

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Basketball Inbound Plays For Success

I've listed eight simple and effective inbound basketball plays. Click the links below to learn more about each of these great plays.

Also, I encourage you to select names for each of these plays. I usually name my plays after a college basketball team, such as Duke, Michigan or Syracuse. You decide what fits your team best, but make it something your players can relate to and remember.

Baseline Out Of Bounds Play 1

Baseline Out Of Bounds Play 2 Baseline Out Of Bounds Play 3 Baseline Out Of Bounds Play 4 Baseline Out Of Bounds Play 5 Sideline Out Of Bounds Play 1 Sideline Out Of Bounds Play 2 Sideline Out Of Bounds Play 3

*Special Note* - My coaching philosophy has always been that younger players should have a solid foundation of basketball skills and fundamentals before implementing any of these basketball inbounds play. Your players need to be fundamentally sound in all areas of offense before they can be expected to run any of these plays successfully.

This means they should be able to dribble, pass, screen, cut and shoot effectively before they can run any of these inbound plays. Without these skills, they'll have a difficult time executing the plays and will become frustrated with their lack of success.

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