Improve Your Knowledge Of The Game By Learning These Common Basketball Fouls
A simple explanation of the most common basketball fouls.

As a new basketball coach, it is important that you develop a complete understanding of the rules of the game. This includes knowing what the most common fouls in basketball are and what the penalty is for committing them.

The more knowledgeable you are about all aspects of basketball, including the various fouls, the more successful you will be on the court. Do yourself and your players a big favor...don't overlook this important part of coaching basketball.

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Personal Fouls In Basketball

The following list includes the most common basketball fouls that players commit during games and practices. These are considered personal fouls and are called against the basketball player initiating the contact.

Other Common Fouls In Basketball

The following list includes more common fouls that occur during basketball games.

Basketball Fouls And Consequences

When a basketball foul is committed, there is a consequence or penalty for the player (or coach) that committed the foul. The following list provides you with an explanation on the penalty that goes along with committing each type of foul.

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