Basketball Basic Rules & Regulations...A Simplified Way For You To Understand The Rules Of Basketball
Basketball basic rules explained in a simple, straightforward manner.

One of the most overwhelming and often neglected aspects of coaching basketball is understanding the rules of the game. As a new coach, it's important that you have a thorough understanding of the basic basketball rules that you will encounter every day. As obvious as that sounds, you would be amazed at how many basketball coaches actually overlook this critical part of their coaching responsibilities.

Let me ask you this...If you don't understand the basic rules of basketball, how can you teach them to your players? The answer is simple - "You can't."

In order for you to teach your players the skills and fundamentals of the game, you must first learn and understand the basic rules of basketball. This includes having a thorough knowledge of the various basketball fouls, violations, court dimensions and basketball referee signals.

Do yourself and your basketball players a huge favor…do not skip this step in the coaching process.

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Basketball Rules Simplified

I have compiled a list for you that includes some of the basic basketball rules you should definitely learn. Having an understanding of these basketball rules will enable you to effectively teach your players the skills and fundamentals of the game...and what they can and cannot do on the basketball court.

Basketball Basic Rules & Regulations

Basketball Basic Rules - Basketball Violations

Basketball Basic Rules - Basketball Fouls

Just for fun...Check out Dr. James Naismith's 13 Original Rules of Basketball to see how basketball rules have changed over the years.

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