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Coaching Basketball for Beginners...
"Leaving No Basketball Coach Behind!"

So you're a new basketball coach. Congratulations! You're definitely in for a fun, rewarding and satisfying experience.

There's something so special about teaching, coaching and guiding young athletes on the basketball court. It's hard to explain, but once you start coaching you'll understand what I mean.

But wait...where exactly do you start? How do you plan for your season? What about tryouts? Practice plans? Drills, plays, game strategies?

No worries...I’ve designed this site specifically for you. Whether you're brand new to coaching youth basketball or have been around the game for a while and are looking for some fresh ideas, Coaching Basketball for Beginners is for you.

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Develop Your Knowledge Of The Game

This site is packed with expert advice that will help you...

  • Effectively coach youth basketball

  • Develop your basketball coaching philosophy

  • Teach the basketball fundamentals - including dribbling, passing, shooting and rebounding

  • Understand the basic rules of basketball

  • Become familiar with the various basketball terms

  • Teach offensive and defensive strategies

  • Properly prepare for basketball practices and games

  • Address discipline problems and effectively communicate with players and parents

  • Plus, a wide variety of basketball tips, drills, plays and so much more...

Everything you need to succeed as a youth basketball coach is right here at your fingertips. You may be new to the game of basketball, but the information on this site will have you coaching with confidence and poise in no time at all.

After playing basketball, why not watch some football with some Super Bowl Hospitality ?

Again, congratulations on your decision to become a basketball coach. I admire you a great deal for the time and effort you're dedicating to developing the talents of your young basketball players.

Make it a great season!

Joe Waters

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Useful Basketball links

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